Introducing The Top 5 Winners of This Year’s Pastel 100 Competition

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The quantity of sections for the nineteenth Annual Pastel 100 Competition totaled more than 2,500. That is a considerable measure of depictions — and a ton of awesome pastel ability!

Pastel Journal magazine is satisfied to declare the champs of the current year’s Annual Pastel 100 Competition.

We’ll have generations of all the prize-winning works of art, and craftsman meetings and attendant remarks, in the April 2018 issue of Pastel Journal. Until at that point, congrats to all of 2017 champs!

Presenting the Top Winners of the nineteenth Annual Pastel 100 Competition

From still lifes to spellbinding scenes, here is a sneak look into a portion of the exceptional, winning specialists from the nineteenth Annual Pastel 100 Competition.

Pastel Journal Founder’s Award in Memory of Maggie Price ($5,000) — Aurelio Rodriguez López

Aurelio Rodriguez López was conceived in Génave, Spain. He started his specialty preparing amid his high school a very long time by taking classes at Baeza Art School in Baeza.

All through his vocation, he has shown his work in all sides of the world. From all over Spain, Madrid to China, and New York to London, Rodrigues’ work has been seen and cherished by watchers for quite a long time.

Pastel Journal Award of Excellence ($2,500) — Jacob Aguiar

“I can recollect as a child remaining up until the point when midnight drawing comic book characters with companions, or sitting in the auto while my folks needed to run errands so I could draw what I saw out the window,” says Jacob Aguiar.

In 2011, Aguiar withdrew from his restorative examinations to seek after craftsmanship in the little Northern California town of Sebastopol. Not certain of what medium he wished to work in, he stumbled over the scene pastels of Richard McKinley amid a web seek. “Obviously, I was snared quickly,” he notes.

He’s since moved on from school. What’s more, today, he burns through three days seven days as a naturopathic specialist in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and commits his chance off to his adoration for craftsmanship.

Ruth Richeson Pastel GOLD Award (pastels and surfaces esteemed over $2,000) — Nancy Nowak

Nancy Nowak earned her B.A. at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1981, where her primary advantages were enameling and oil painting.

In the wake of owning calligraphy and printing organizations, she rededicated herself and her life to her specialty, endeavoring to bring out a passionate reaction and attention to the ordinary magnificence that encompasses us.

Nowak’s work is illustrative in style yet with an impressionist energy. The craftsman additionally offers workshops and classes in pastel, concentrating on scenes.

Richeson Pastel SILVER Award (pastels and surfaces esteemed over $1,500) — Corey Pitkin

Corey Pitkin is a transcendently self-educated craftsman. He won various honors from provincial and national rivalries when he graduated secondary school.

After a “loss of inventive drive” in his 20s, the craftsman reestablished his affection for workmanship making and has since gone from a moderately obscure to a honor champ in neighborhood, national and universal rivalries.

Richeson Pastel BRONZE Award (pastels and surfaces esteemed at $1,000) — Colette Odya Smith

Colette Odya Smith earned her degree in artistic work, humanities and instruction from Macalester College in St. Paul. She put in around 10 years showing workmanship at a Wisconsin school while bringing up two kids and “making craftsmanship around the edges.”

Throughout the previous two decades, she has concentrated on her artistic creation vocation. “Laying pastels over a watercolor underpainting, I have created working techniques that extend the expressive scope of this adaptable medium, on occasion utilizing tore and layered surfaces, finished components and gold and copper leaf,” she says.


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