How to register Instaforex

Register new account with affiliate code: QLVVJ

Skip the new registration if you already got Instaforex acc, proceed to create new MT4 account with affiliate code: QLVVJ

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forex register

As an investor, you can earn unlimited profits from your investments in PAMM traders. The PAMM trader, in turn, receives a commission as a percentage only from profitable investments.

For clarity, look at the diagram from link below:

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If already register Instaforex before, can still follow?

Yes, you can. Just open new mt4 account with affiliate code: QLVVJ

What is the minimum deposit to start with?

The minimum deposit to start with is $10, we recommend using MT4 highest leverage account for beginner (lower risk).

Any education or video tutorial?
What is ForexCopy?

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What is the risk of Forex trading?
Since forex trading involves a degree of speculation and a multitude of international factors, risk is inevitable. Only trade money you don’t need, and think about your risk tolerance.