Top 10 Confinement Centres In Kuala Lumpur

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1. serenity

Serenity Confinement Centre combines traditional and cultural postnatal practices with modern medical expertise. In addition to having an experienced confinement lady, we also provide 24-hour nurse and doctor on-call coverage with daily doctor rounds. This brings the safety and peace of mind afforded by modern healthcare right to the privacy of your luxurious suite. Our partner clinic is also capable of treating more serious conditions such as re-suturing of a Caesarean wound breakdown or providing phototherapy for the jaundiced baby.

2. ecmonth

Reliability, Care & Togetherness – The best confinement centre which provides ample care for moms during confinement, the most critical month after delivery.

Having a proper post-natal care is going to be one of the greatest gifts from a mom to her baby!

The arrival of newborn undoubtedly marks one of the biggest moments in every family, but…don’t forget that it is also equally important for the mom to be provided a proper post-natal care.

For the future of yours and your baby, we are pleased to give you our most sincere blessings and the warmest care during this critical period in our confinement centre which is located in the central of KL.

In here, we provide every mom as well as her baby a care that is both professional and unconditional in every possible way right in a home-like ambience, so comfortable and so warm.

3. bestmonth

Best Month Confinement Center provides an environment that fosters the patience and love a woman needs to start the new life of her child the right way. Our aim is to ensure that the month after your baby is born is not just your first month as a mother, but the Best Month of your life!

We have a highly professional care team dedicated to looking after mothers during their first postpartum month. We provide exclusive care and psychological support, and treat every new mommy and baby as part of our own family.

Best Month hopes that each and every mommy who comes here will feel at home. Let Best Month take care of everything so you can have peace of mind:
Happy Mommy, Happy Baby and Happy Life!

4. kaboccarecentre

Nowhere is better than home! Experience our hospitality and expertise during your confinement, where the place is safe and comfortable like home. Caring and lovely environment , that welcomes you and your new member of your family.

Pampering your precious moment with relevant books and entertainment. Enhance your knowledge and sharing your experience
with friends and family.

5. tlcconfinement

Dedicated to bringing the best of postpartum care to families in Malaysia, TLC Confinement Center works closely in technical cooperation with the pioneer of confinement care in Taiwan to introduce a Traditional and Scientific approach in confinement care.

Integrating traditional methods of postpartum care with the modern science, mothers will receive personalised care, confinement diets, and lifestyle activities which can help them get back in shape.

The team at TLC Confinement Center consists of Medical Consultants, Chinese Medical Practitioners, Nutritionists, Certified Post-natal Consultant, Infant Massage Instructor, Lactation Consultant and Trained Nurses.

6. kiddy123 is Malaysia’s Early Childhood Directory with the objective to simplify the journey of parenting for Malaysian parents by providing them an extensive directory of children-related business & services providers, parenting tips and guides, and latest updates of events for families and children. We understand that every family needs are different, we make it fast and easy for parents to identify services, events and places of interest that fits best for their children.

7. momretreathome

A place for you to Rest and Relax, to Recover and Rejuvenate your Health and Well Being, to Heal and Regain your Beauty.

Often New Mothers have not enough rest during their postpartum and this leads them in serious health condi-tion where they undergoes mental stress and postpartum blues.

New mothers are left all alone without any proper help-er and family members are busy with their tight work schedule. Some of the new mothers even does not have any experience in dealing with such situation.

8. moms2b

Expecting a newborn in a family is always an exciting lifetime event for the whole family, and a blessing for the mom-to-be. Whether you are expecting your first child or fourth child, every pregnancy is a new experience. Having said that, coping with the changes in your body is difficult when there is a lack of relevant information to understand how to provide the best for your baby and your body.

MOMS2B is a site to help you in your journey to motherhood. By providing access to prenatal and postnatal information to expectant mothers, mothers in confinement and women planning to conceive, MOM2B offers the most useful and correct information related to the well being of you and your baby.

At MOMS2B, you can gain access to exclusive confinement knowledge that helps you to go through your confinement in pleasant and comfort. MOMS2B also provides top-notch professional confinement services to take care of the mothers by using the proper methods. MOMS2B committed to take care of every woman to go through the biggest milestone in life.

9. firstmonth

First Month is a postpartum retreat center which specialises in the provision of traditional Chinese confinement services to mums and her newborns in a high quality and private accommodation setting.

Our values at First Month are centred on the wellbeing of the mother and her little one.

Our aim is to provide high quality care in a comfortable retreat environment to rejuvenate the new mum and restore balances to her body after child birth, while the needs of her baby are carefully attended to.

We are a family-run center. We are proud parents of two little ones. We are also strong believers in the value of Chinese herbal food nourishment to our physical health and wellbeing, having spent many years in research, development and trade in this industry across the country.

As parents, and as friends of many parents, we have come across many challenges mums face in confinement at home or at other locations. Listening to these challenges sparked a very deep interest and our commitment at First Month to providing a better environment and solution for families embarking on the confinement process.

10. postnatalcentre

Xin Yue post-natal care center is the city ‘s first by the Chinese medicine practitioners set up post-natal care center. Here not only to provide you with a post-natal sanitation place. The more we give u is a “conscience Care” service, putting you in the care, concern, and a comfortable ride out the most important woman sitting month.

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