Responsive Design

The time has long gone when having a website is just but a novelty; a plaything for those with spare cash. As our digital age progresses, as ecommerce booms and the number of google searches blossoms exponentially, our immersion into the digital world becomes more and more apparent.

So what has this all have to do with your business needing a website?
Well, firstly, if you do NOT have a website, people (your customer) will not be able to find you online. This means that loads of potential buyers, clients are lost just because they do not know of your existence. Every potential customer counts- that’s how to run a successful business.

responsive web design
On the other hand, having a website would allow your potential clients to find you online. You can even take them through a virtual tour of your products and/or services. You can even sell them your product without having to even meet them in real life.
Also, having a website would help guarantee you a better spot on the google search. Then, by applying SEO techniques, you could even reach the top of the searches which would increase the number of visits to your site which leads more potential customers.
Next, having a website can also help to improve the image and branding of your firm. Take for example IKEA’s website. Through good design of banners as well as persistent use of its colour scheme, they can present themselves as a trustworthy furniture store online.