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Portable applications have been ceaselessly advancing for a few years and the energy of versatile applications stays exceptionally solid. However, the presentation of the chatb... read more

Top 10 Wedding Venue in Selangor

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1. Armada Hotel If you are looking for a ballroom in PJ, consider Armada Hotel for its intimate sized ballroom. What’s best about Armada is if you are looking for a space for... read more

What Special Day Is Today

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what special about today
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January New Year’s Day – January 1 National Youth Day (India) – January 12 National Hug Day – January 21 Australia Day – January 26 Indian Republic... read more

5 Way Millionaires See Money Differently from the others

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Everyone has the same opportunity to acquire wealth. The biggest thing holding back most people from striking it big are their thoughts, beliefs and philosophies about money. T... read more

10 Places Around The World You Wouldn’t Want To Live In

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When your neighbors party late into the night or a garbage truck wakes you up two hours before sunrise, you might curse your neighborhood. We’re not all fortunate enough to ha... read more